The Kings Golf Club was established in 2019 having emerged from the demise of the old Torvean Golf Club (Est. c1962). The development of the expanding City of Inverness forced the closure of Torvean Golf course to make way for new roads and bridges over the Caledonian Canal. A new course was designed by Stuart Rennie incorporating land previously used by the Old Torvean course thus ensuring an eternal connection.

Remnants of an Iron Age fortress can be found on a nearby hilly crag atop of Craig Phadraig, overlooking the golf course. The site of a mighty bastion of early Pictish Kings with clear views over what was to become, the Capital of the Highlands, it is believed to be the seat of King Brude.

King Brude (Bridei mac Maelchu c. 555-584), was a King of many Pictish Kingdoms and mentioned by the venerable St Bede as being “Rex Potentissimus” – the most powerful of Kings. Three sites of archaeological interest have been excavated at different locations, suggesting this may well be an area on which the Kings followers lived. It is believed St. Columba camped close to the River Ness west of Inverness whilst waiting for an audience with the King and perhaps on the very land the course now occupies.

The historical importance of the land could not be ignored and a vote was carried to rename the club as the King Golf Club, Inverness.

The new course was officially opened on 30th August 2019 with Bernard Gallacher OBE driving the first ball – ironically down what had been the Old Torvean 18th fairway. A modern clubhouse boasting spectacular views over the first tee and eighteenth green compliments the 18 Hole Championship Golf Course. In the first year of opening it was rated 74th in Scotland by ‘Top 100 Golf Courses’ and 12th in the North of Scotland, an incredible accolade.